How to buy fishing licences for in Reisa river season 2020

The rights to fish in the Reisa river is split 60/40 between landowners and the municipalities locals. This means that the rules and arrangments are a bit complex, and it may appear difficult for external fisherman to understand how things work. External fishermen (fishers that are not living permanent in the old border of Nordreisa municipality) have to buy their fishing licences from the landowners that own the rights to sell cards on their property. 

The biggest landowner Statskog provide cards both in the upper- and lower part of the river. 

Fishing cards in the upper parts of the river at The cards will be available for purchase 1st of April. 
The upper parts of the river is called Øverelva and are divided into 3 zones. 
- Statskog Øverelva zone 11-16
- Statskog Øverelva zone 17-18
- Statskog Øverelva zone 19
Be aware off that the zones in Øverelva are without roadconnection and can be harder to reach. Normally people rent riverboat transport to reach these areas. 

Fishing cards in the lower pars of the river at Statskog are working on a new scheme where the cards in the first weeks of the season will be drawed. More information will come. The lower parts of the river is called Nerelva and are divided into 10 zones. Statskog have cards in zone 4, 6,7,8,9 and 10. Nerelva is more accessible with roadconnection. 

Some landowners wants Reisa Elvelag to sell their cards through our sales channel Scanatura. More information will come when there are cards available for sale. 

Private landowners that offer fishing cards:
- Reisa Friluftssenter AS sells cards on behalf of landowners in Sappen area. Contact: +47 777 65 501

- Ragnhild Hammari sells cards in the area of Marjastilla (zone 6). Contact: +47 951 53 172

- Arnold Mikkelsen sells cards in the area of Hurrika (zone 10). Contact: +47 917 59 218

- Arnt-Magnus Gamst sells cards in the area of Haugset (zone 3). Contact: +47 916 39 256 


If there are questions regarding fishing licences etc, contact Reisa Elvelag on mail:


  application/pdfReisa River Fishing Rules 2020.pdf

Published Tue 10 Mar 2020 by Reisa Elvelag
Updated: Tue 10 Mar 2020
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