Because of low salmon runs on the Reisa River, Reisa Elvelag has decided to introduce new restrictions on the fishing


For salmon fishing, the following changes take place from Saturday 27th July at 12:00 am, till the end of the season, Wednesday, 31th at 24:00:


  1. All hen salmon must be released as of 27th July. If there is doubt about the fish's gender, it must be released. Because of poor runs we urge that all salmon are being released to safeguard the spawning stock.
  2. There will be a four hours reduction in the daily fishing period as of the 27th July for zones 2-19. The new daily fishing period will be from 12.00 noon till 24.00 midnight.
  3. A similar fishing period will be introduced on zone 1 on a par with the other zones as described in No. 2 above. 
  4. If the catch reports as per 10th August show that we will not achieve the spawning target for 2013, the salmon fishery ends on August 16th. If this is the case, Reisa Elvelag will release information as soon as possible.


Items 1-3 mean an increased 160 hours protection of the spawning salmon, or nearly 7 days for zones 2-19. In addition, the introduction of protection in zone 1 as well, will reduce the catches of spawning fish even further.


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