Information opening of sea trout season

Tomorrom morning at 10.00 am the sea trout season in Reisa river begins. The sea trout fishing is allowed in zone 1,2 and 3 and goes on until 14th of September. 

Only allowed with fly, fished with floating line or floating bobber. The fly must be tied on a single or double hook with maximum hook size 8. Tube flies up to 2 cm (includes the wing) is okey. No extra weight attached on the flies. See more in the fishing rules attached. 

Fishing after salmon and char is not allowed. If you catch a salmon that will not survive you have to deliver it to Reisa Elvelag. Call +47 91118399, 97633230 or 48117248 and you will get information where to deliver the salmon. Sometimes Reisa Elvelag can come out and pick it up. 

  application/pdfReisa River Fishing rules sea trout season 2022.pdf

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