Updated info regarding season 2022

IMPORTANT INFO SEASON 2022 (updated 18.05.2022).

There will be no salmon fishing in Reisa River this season. This also include fishing after char. 

The Norwegian Environment Agency has decided to close the Reisa River for fishing after salmon and char from this season (2022). The reason for this decision is the negative development of the salmon stock the last 9 years. The char stock is also small and vulnerable. 

The new and updated fishing regulation from the agency gives Reisa Elvelag the oppurtunity to have sea trout fishing in the period 12th of August to 14th of September in zone 1-3, with equipment regulations. Reisa Elvelag will have a board meeting on 25th of May to set the fishing rules for the sea trout season. 

More information will come!


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